Tuesday, 30.03.2021 - Dakar - SENEGAL

Workshop to present the citizen security barometer and the new report on Citizen Control of Public Security Action

On 30 March 2021, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Peace and Security Centre of Competence Sub Saharan Africa (FES PSCC) presented the study "Gender-Based Violence in West Africa: The Cases of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger", written by Dr. Ndèye Amy NDIAYE, who also made the presentation. It was held via videoconference due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It was attended by state actors, diplomatic representatives, research institutes, national and international organisations, academics, members of civil society organisations and women's associations from both the countries targeted by the study and the rest of Africa.

Gender-based violence has been recognised for decades as a phenomenon that very often reflects historically unequal power relations between men and women, resulting in domination and discrimination by the former over the latter. This violence particularly hinders the advancement of women and infringes on their fundamental freedoms. It partially or totally prevents the development of women and girls, who are victims of it. They cannot be guaranteed the full enjoyment of their rights. Violence perpetrated against a person because of their gender and the place given to them by a given society or culture is a sexist phenomenon, rooted in the inequality between men and women throughout the world with serious long-term consequences. Unfortunately, little is known about the policies that can be used to provide sustainable and appropriate solutions for victims.

This is why the study is so important. Its results were presented to the different actors concerned for better consideration and improved solutions to face the serious risks presented by this scourge.

The aim of this virtual meeting was to present the main lines and recommendations of the study in a framework bringing together the stakeholders. The debates that followed provided an opportunity for constructive exchanges and for enriching the study's recommendations. Dr. Moussa HAMIDOU TALIBI, lecturer in moral and political philosophy at the University of Niamey in Niger, was the moderator, and Ms. Cécile W. YOUGBARE THIOMBIANO, Specialist in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Actions, Gender and Human Rights, Member of the pool of national experts on gender-based violence of the WHO in Burkina Faso, greatly enriched the exchanges with her relevant presentation. The study is available in the publication section.

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