Supporting the role of women in peacebuilding in Burkina Faso

The security crisis that began in 2015 in Burkina Faso confronts the country with multidimensional challenges, including communal conflicts, terrorist attacks and transnational organized crime. It has a considerable impact on women and children who represent more than 80% of internally displaced persons. In addition, the impact of the crisis on social cohesion is perceptible and makes it difficult to build peace.

To end the conflict, Burkina Faso has put in place several multisectoral initiatives, both at political and community levels. Women participate in these initiatives as actors for peace, seeking to promote social cohesion and the return of peace to the country. They traditionally play a mediating role in family and community conflicts. However, the contribution of women remains unsatisfactory and not very visible in peace initiatives. They are under-represented in state structures and mechanisms for reconciliation and national cohesion.

It is important to support the role of women in building peace in Burkina Faso. This requires recognizing and strengthening their contributions while addressing the challenges they face.

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