Thursday, 15.11.2018 - Nouakchott, Mauritania

Meeting with Mauritanian Think Tanks

On 15 November 2018, the FES PSCC hosted a get together among various Mauritanian think tanks in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott. Amongst other topics, they discussed Mauritania and the Sahel region's current security situation.

From left to right: Ousman ZAKARI, Mohamed Fall OULD BAH, Rémy Arsène DIOUSSE, Djibéry DOUCOURE, Moussa Mohamed AMAR, Gabriela GUELLIL, Holger GRIMM, Aïssata DIOP, Isselmou ABDEL KADER, El Hassen AICHETOU and Colonel El Boukhary Mohamed MOUEMEL.

On 15 November 2018, the FES PSCC hosted a conference in Nouakchott and gathered various Mauritanian Think Tanks at one round table to assess the possibilities for future collaboration within the context of the Sahel-Sahara Dialogue and to present a recent study conducted by the FES PSCC. The study focussed on “New Collective Security Arrangements in the Sahel: a comparative study of the MNJTF and G-5 Sahel” Joint Task Force and can be found on this website.

After Germany's Ambassador to Mauritania, Dr. Gabriela GUELLIL, had opened the meeting by underlining the necessity of cooperating on international security challenges, the participants discussed the Sahel's, and more specifically Mauretania's, current security environment. They elaborated on existing response strategies and analysed their respective benefits and disadvantages. After critically assessing the recommendations of the comparative study for the operationality of the G-5 Sahel, the conference ended with the participants stressing the necessity to enhance and deepen the cooperation on frontier-transcending problems such as terrorism and organised crime.

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