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Beninga, Paul-Crescent; Manga Essama, Déflorne Grâce; Mogba, Jean Raymond Zephirin

Persistence of the crisis in the Central African Republic

Understanding in order to act
Dakar-Fann, 2018

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The Boko Haram conflict in Cameroon

Why is peace so elusive?
Dakar-Fann, 2018

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Sanyang, Edrissa; Camara, Sanna

The Gambia after elections

Implications for governance and security in West Africa
Dakar-Fann, 2017

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Blum, Constanze

Transnational organized crime in Southern Africa and Mozambique

Maputo, 2017

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Cawthra, Gavin

Peacekeeping interventions in Africa

"war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength"
Maputo, 2016

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Onuoha, Freedom C.

A danger not to Nigeria alone

Boko Harams's transnational reach and regional responses
Abuja, 2014

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Fantaye, Demessie

Regional approaches to maritime security in the Horn of Africa

AddisAbaba, 2014

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Blum, Constanze

Cross-border flows between Nigeria and Benin

what are the challenges for (human) security?
Abuja, 2014

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Ikoh, Moses U.

Organized crime, security threats and governance: The sustainability of European Union programmes in West Africa

Abuja, 2014

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Engel, Ulf

The African Union, the African peace and security architecture, and maritime securtiy

AddisAbaba, 2014

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How to engage and with whom towards collective security in the Sahelo-Saharan region and in West Africa? Dakar, 4 - 5 December 2017


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